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Talking Heads Video Production

Talking heads refers to the video format where the subject sits or stands in front of a camera. Most people associate talking heads with an ineffective, uncaptivating delivery style. To combat this, we use a mix of lens, lighting and location to produce clean, modern and engaging videos. The benefits of a talking heads video can be both economical and effective. With relevant content, subject selection and filming location, we can produce a powerful, cost-effective, marketing and message delivery vehicle.

For the majority of cases, the talking heads style of video is fast becoming a web based way of message communication, often used on websites or public information sites. A properly structured and produced talking head video allows you to streamline the message you want the viewer to receive. When being used on a web based format, talking heads are an effective tool for grabbing your clients attention. People will stay and watch a video and become impelled to browse your site and discover more about your services. With more and more websites becoming similar in design and layout, an effective talking heads video can help you stand out and set you apart from your competitors. Picking the right individuals, with the right footage, and the right messages, can leave a lasting impression on your client and help to reinforce brand communication and personality.

Multiple camera angles, subtle lighting, and specialised equipment help us to produce modern, contemporary, and stylish talking heads videos. The benefits of an effective, entertaining talking head video that is produced with a distinctive style, is that you get to choose the message that you are trying to relay. Talking heads videos can be a far more cost effective use of your marketing budget and we like to work with you every step of the way to ensure that the message you are trying to communicate is done in a distinctive and memorable manner.

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